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Our unique approach here at The Inner Wild CIC is trauma & polyvagal informed, neurosequential orientated complex trauma recovery, for people & dogs. 

We are specialist Neuro Development Consultants grounded in interpersonal Neurobiology. An integrative, consilient and coherent blend of bottom up & top down therapeutics, delivered through a framework of safety & collaboration with other experts in the field of trauma healing, child development, well being & primal canine behaviour & communication.


We guide infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors & dogs on their journey from survival challenges & dis ease, to receptive secure healthy functioning. 

Approaching 20 years combined trauma recovery therapy from CPTSD, both Georgia & Jane are qualified, competent & keen to share our journeys & experience to encourage healing  & wholeness, instead of adaptive fragmentation, to help an individual reach their full potential as nature intended before modern life got in the way.


Our bodies have an innate ability to heal when they are heard, met with curiosity & the desire to innerstand through autonomy.


Our Functional Behavioural Neuroimmunological approach provides successful drug free, whole brain- body healing with proven results for human issues such as-






Birth Trauma ( Infant & mum )

TBI -Traumatic Brain Injury

Anger Issues

Developmental Delay

‘Elective mutism’

Chronic Fatigue / ME



Eating Disorders


Self Harm

Speech & Language Delay

Visual & Auditory Processing Challenges inc Reading & Writing

Low Tolerance to Stress





Bed Wetting

Sleep Challenges

‘Menopause’ Symptoms

Extreme Shyness

Memory & Cognition Challenges


We are passionate to help others discover & unlock the unique wisdom in every individual we have the pleasure to guide to health & balance.


We are anti pathological in our approach.. We do not focus on ‘diagnoses’ or ‘labels’ as an explanation for normal & natural trauma responses in life.. We address the symptoms & heal them, unlike the current model of illness suppression via drugs & surgeries.


Specialising in child development, we work with infants from 2 years upwards, to recognise developmental delays & guide them back to a path of natural development, whilst supporting them & their families/ primary caregiver in the process.


Jane has 25 years experience in Early Years Education, is trauma informed, working from secure attachment & gentle parenting ethos. She has a wonderful ability to connect with children & explore their world with them in both the indoor and outdoor therapy sessions we provide.

How does this approach work for dogs? 

In the same way as it does for people!


Functional Behavioural Developmental Neuroimmunology Consults & Programmes

Neurological development is essential for us to reach our full potential in life, emotionally, socially & physiologically. Neurological Development Therapy enables development of the nervous system to be restarted, for it to be given a chance to continue growth. As a result,  this leads to reduced anxiety, improved emotional regulation, greater ease of learning and better motor control & coordination to name just a few of the wonderful results this incredible brain balancing therapy provides.


NDT successfully supports & benefits children, teenagers & adults with experience of- 


In Utero/ birth trauma

Developmental delays 



Sensory Processing Disorders





Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI )

Speech & language delays



Integrated Psychodynamic Therapy

‘The thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves affect how we communicate & the way we communicate affects our relationships and well being…’


Our integrated therapist specialises in trauma, working with a multi tool box approach inc Psychodynamic Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT ), Hypnotherapy & Neurological Development Therapy.


Psychotherapy is an in depth approach to examine and reconstruct the psyche to a healthy state, making sense of the past & present to create a healthy existence in the now & for the future.

NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Guide & Wellness Advocate Programmes

Neuro Linguistic Programming or Certified Life Guide/ Coaching & Wellness Sessions help you innerstand the language of the mind which creates programs of emotion, behaviour & thoughts which we run in our lives. 

We support you in your life to reframe unwanted, unhelpful or unwarranted thoughts or behaviours which are not serving you positively in the present.


Examples of the benefits-


Releasing limiting beliefs/ decisions which are stopping you from reaching your full potential

Resolving fears & phobias

Resolving unwanted habits

Releasing past traumas & the negative emotions attached to them

Reframing of thoughts which creates clarity & peace of mind


The life changing & enhancing results being achieved here are on another level according to my mentor, an NLP Master Practitioner of 30 years.

Not just ‘doing NLP’ but ‘being’ the Guide others need to connect to themselves, whilst helping them to navigate life through my own experience, authenticity & love.


Check out my reviews & incredible meta physical transformations which have inadvertently, followed swiftly after addressing many emotional issues.


Such as:

Cessation of Psoriasis

Cessation of Migraines

Cessation of insomnia

Cessation of nail biting

Cessation of arthritic pain

Cessation of constipation

Weight Loss

No need for antidepressants

Cessation of back & hip pain

Cessation of body odour/ excess sweating


None of these physical issues were targeted, most I knew nothing of, I am not a physician. They ceased as a result of bringing peace to the mind.

Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy

Here at The Inner Wild, we all live our daily lives from a place of mindfulness, being present in every moment & always with a natural curiosity & awe of life. We encourage & support those we connect & work with to explore this way of ‘being’.


Our Hypnotherapy sessions are very successful, whether to create & support a new perspective or to let go of something which is not serving you.

Nature/ Eco Therapy

Mental, emotional & spiritual connection with nature, serves as a form of intrinsic eco psychology for healing. Tune your senses, to reduce the volume of your inner thoughts whilst working at nervous system level to bring balance & healing.

VNS Daith Piercing

As Nervous System Specialists we do not promote bio hacks in general, as we innerstand that healing the nervous system is a complex process. It must be a multi faceted approach with care & be fully supported by a professional.


However, we offer VNS Daith Piercing as a technique to alleviate symptoms such as 






Breath work

A breath work instructor of 30 years is available for group sessions or 1- 1s

Health benefits of breath work include-


Stronger respiratory function

More time in deep sleep

Balanced blood pressure

Reduction of PTSD & feelings associated with trauma

Stronger immune system

The dispersal of stress hormones from your body

Clarity of mind

And so much more…

Drumming Therapy

Group Sessions or 1-1's

The benefits of Drumming Therapy are-


Stress reduction

Immune system booster

Deeper awareness

Access to parts of the brain for healing & mindfulness

Connection with nature, a spiritual source or higher power

It’s also so much fun!

See, Nurture, Heal Your…


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