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A Movement for Change, Education,

Growth, Development & Healing for All...

Leading by Example

Creating Growth & Development 

Of Your
Inner Wild

For Balance & Wholeness

'Be your own medicine'



What Is The Inner Wild? 

The Inner Wild is a movement for change which encourages, educates, supports & facilitates wholeness for both dogs & people.

We have never seen The Inner Wild as a ‘business’

& do not use predatory marketing strategies. Those who need us, find us.

Our focus is to create a community for healing, a legacy to heal others.

We provide a multi faceted approach for growth & development from a neurophysiological perspective. We create mental, emotional, biological & physical growth & balance for an individual. 

We know that healing happens at the nervous system level & somatically, not just via the mind.. 

Our highly trained, qualified & experienced therapists are here to help you &/ or your dog to thrive in life…

We can’t just heal you, you must do the work.. 

But we can inspire you 

We can teach you

We can educate you

We can facilitate and guide you &/or your dog to a place of peace, balance & resilience.


It’s easier than you think/ feel & no one ever regrets getting well.


The medicine is when you return to wholeness...


Maybe you just want to raise your pup with primal innerstanding so that you can enter their world, communicate with them & meet their needs?


Maybe you have an import or rescue dog who had a difficult start in life & you would like to heal their fears easily & quickly so that that you can get on with your lives together?


Maybe you have considered therapy yourself in the past but haven’t been ready to begin or didn’t know where to look? We are doing the work & have incredible Psychodynamic Therapists & Neurological Development Consultants working with us for those with trauma, anxiety, PTSD, developmental delays, ADHD, Dyspraxia to name just a few conditions. 


Maybe you would like to resolve unhelpful/unwarranted fears/ phobias that are holding you back in life? 


Maybe you need some guidance & support in your work/ home life to create a better perspective or would like healthier relationships between yourself & others within your family or workplace?


Maybe you have low confidence or limiting beliefs which are holding you back in life?


Maybe you would like to explore the health benefits of somatic movement, yoga, breath work or drumming therapy?


We really do have the guidance & resolutions to all of your needs.. Contact us today & let’s discuss how we can help..



See, Nurture, Heal Your Dog’s & Your Own...


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